Student Reviews of WeBWorK

Here are some unedited reviews given by students that have used WeBWorK for at least one semester.

Note: During the first semester that WeBWorK was used at CU, it was difficult for the students to access the site from off campus. They had to log into an on campus server prior to going to the site. That was one of the recurring comments below. The problem was resolved following that semester.

I thought that the webwork online work was beneficial as well as easy. As long as people listen in class they shouldn't have trouble with it.

I am a procrastinator yet again. I really liked webwork overall, however, it would be nice if we did not have to log in to the CU network from off campus. It would be SO much easier if we could just go to a website and not have to do all the other stuff because since I am so slow, I ALWAYS got kicked off at least 3 times while trying to work a section. It would say my session has expired and make me completely log back into the CU network and everything and that got annoying real fast. The whole idea of webwork and the problems and being able to do them over is all very helpful though. If you could just get that fixed where we don't have to log into the network then it would be PERFECT. I'm not complaining though because I could have not been lazy and done all of the homework while I was at school every day. I just chose instead to wait until I got home and a few days (or the day before) it was due to start it. Another good thing about it is it doesn't force people to learn the material, because people can cheat if they're lazy and just want to pass (or just cannot get the answer for the life of them), but the people who really care and want to do well can work it out until they get it right and can see what they missed and are able to fix it without it affecting their grade. In other words, overall webwork was very helpful and a great tool to have and I am very glad that was counted as our homework, instead of book problems where there is no way to know if we got the problems right or not until we get the grade back. I hope this helps with your survey! Again thank you SO much for all of your help and for being so patient with me!

Overall i had a good experience using web work.

I like the website for homework. It helped me when i could try the problems and get the answer right away. It was hard at first getting used to typing everything in the correct way, but once i figured that out it was easy. I think future students would like it as well. I can't think of anything that i would change.

I didn't like the new HW this semester at first. It was hard for me to hook up but that wasn't a problem with the math system itself. Once I was able to log in it was an easy adjustment to us the math homework. I like that we can access it from our homes so it gives us options to do it both at school or at home if we choose. The introduction HW assignment was very helpful to show us how to input our answers. I still had some questions but you were able to answer them in class or in your office on how to input my answers. Once I got the hang of the system it was easy to do the homework. I liked this system because it was free. It was also great because it gave us unlimited attempts to input our answers. I like that better then just 3 attempts. Overall the HW worked well for me this semester. I think it's important to save money anyway students can and you made a great free homework database for all of your students.

i didnt like web work mainly because it is to hard to type the answers in and the problems we had on web work are completely different from what we did in class.

I like webwork because it is convient. It took me a while to get use to it

I like the convenience of webwork, but I just wish it would show me what I did wrong instead of just saying the whole thing is wrong. That way I don't have to do the problem ten times just because I forgot a negative sign. Otherwise, webwork is pretty good. It helps me to get prepared for the tests.

Webwork is a useful tool for studing because it lets you know if you get the problem right ot wrong. However, Webwork is sometimes a pain when trying to put in equation but overall webwork is pretty much perfected. it doesnt have a lot of glitches in it adn there is realy nothing to improve.

I haven't had any problems with WebWork. Other than having to spend time learning how to enter answers, it was quite easy to figure out. I liked it because it gave me a chance to figure out the problems with unlimited tries. It would be easier if I could somehow show my work and it show me exactly where I messed up, but at least this way I'm forced to go back through my work and figure it out myself. Plus, I don't think it would be possible to enter all of that work online. Overall, I liked using WebWork.

I think web work is a good thing, it's in the Internet so it shows e technology, math homework always seemed to be boring to me, but on webwork it was sometimes fun because you have to work on the computer and at your notebook and calculate things.

I found that webwork was a very good way of giving homework to us as it was different to just getting homework out of a book, made it a bit more interesting. The questions were good too, focused on what we needed to learn, not much dislike about it apart from the fact that homework sucks.

At first I didn't like WebWorks because I had to do all this extra work to just submit an answer. But after using it more I learned to like it. I got to check my answers and if I couldn't figure out a problem it forced me to ask questions during class or come in for some extra help. I think it's a good tool for class.

im not a big fan of web work. one of the problems i have with it is its confusing how to put the answers in and sometimes if you have the right answer it says its wrong because you didnt put it in right. and another thing i dont like is the problems on web work are different than the ones we do in class and we dont know how to do them.

I think Webwork is great in that you can keep going at it until you make a 100. That way the homework has definitely done its purpose: you understand the curriculum more.

I don't like that when you do not understand the problem, you sometimes have to shoot in the dark on what you have exactly done wrong. Sometimes its says where I've gone wrong, but other times it just says "incorrect" and it's such a complex problem that I sometimes have to rework it several times to see a minor problem.

I think webwork is a good program. I only have problems With it when I can not figure out a problem due to procrastination. As long as I am not lazy it works great.

I do not have any problems with the way Web Work is set up, the only problem I'm having is getting used to doing online math homework in general, plugging in some of the numbers online is difficult to get used to.

I am not a big fan of webwork because of how hard it is to enter answers into the computer. Math and online work is just not compatible. i would rather have problems out of the book to do and turn in for a grade.

I thought webwork for the most part was just something that hindered me. I would much rather work a problem out on paper as I am not the most technically savy person out there. When you figured out the problem and tried to type it in, it wasn't always easy. Webwork made things difficult and was more often a nuissance than a helpful tool.

I like the online homework assignment. I like how we can preview our answers and then submit them afterward. I wish it gave us feed back as to why our answer might be wrong. For example, check math, may need to be a negative value. The only bad thing is that there is no feedback. But overall i like the system you use and i like how we have until three in the morning to finish it.

I actually like doing homework online but I do find it difficult at times when not being able to input the answers correctly. I also would prefer manually working out the problems then see the answers. I think this is very helpful for me because then I am able to see where I went wrong and with WeBWork, it tells me that it is wrong but I am not able to see where I am wrong at. I think that this website can be a little more helpful when asking to work out certain problems because on some of them, I would just guess because I had no clue how to work it out or get the correct answer.

I enjoyed working with the webwork program. I like the way it was used with our class. For the future, t might be beneficial for the program to let you see an example problem while on your problem so you can follow it and work through yours while seeing the example. Just a thought. Overall, i was impressed. thank you for all your help.

I like web works but honestly there were times where I was frustrated with it. I personally prefer doing problems on paper and turning them in the old fashioned way.

I liked using webwork this semester. It was easy to access and had plenty of good, difficult problems to practice on. My textbook is on my computer anyway, so it was actually a lot easier to do homework through webwork than to try to click back and forth to check my answers in the textbook. It was helpful to be able to see if my answer was right and be able to keep working it out until i understood what i had done wrong. I liked it!

I really enjoy using web work.

All in all, I actually like webwork. Though the solution entry system takes some getting used to, it actually is pretty decent. Once you get a grip on the entry system, it is pretty easy (besides knowing how to do the math). It is nice to see how the system interprets your answer and gives you critiques if you entered something wrong.

ok i hope this gets to u cause im emailing u from my phone but i like web work cause it was free and once i figured out how it worked it was fine but with web assign u could get a little help from the occational tutor that demonstrated how to do the problem so there u go and i hope this

I think that the online homework was good practice in preparing for the test. I didnt like the fact that the system was so damn picky on what you typed in. I was just irresponsible and forgot to do most of it early in the semester. I also didnt think the orientation was mandatory. Anyways all in all other than it being a pain in the ass, it was very helpful to anyone who took the time to practice their skills.

I personally feel like Webwork makes homework a lot easier to do and it is much more convenient. The only two concerns I have regarding Webwork are the technical issues that come from using any type of technology these days and also the inability to use the website off of the school grounds.

Webwork, i like it but it can get on my nerves sometimes,

I believe webwork has been a great tool this semester, I have liked the chance to use it and work through it. For the most part it is easy to use and straight forward, the times that it does become a little confusing is when you need to use the abbreviations for things like (sqrt for Square Root or -inf for negative infinity), some how normal symbols created for this would be alot better.

The Webwork website is fairly solid in my opinion because its wants a precise answer. I think if it was off the student terminal it would be a little more convenient for most students and might work a little faster. Other than that I was a okay with Webwork.

I liked the extra practice that webwork gave me and how it saved the answer so when I went back to review I would be able to tell if I got my answer correct or not. The only thing I disliked about webwork was how hard it was to put in some of the answers.

I really like WeWork because you can preview your answer before you submit it that way you can see how different it appears on your paper. I think it`s a really good site and very accurate. I would like to continue using WebWork in the future.

Personally, I have enjoyed using WebWork this semester. I was a bit skeptical at first simply because online math homework is something that I had never done prior to this class. It took a little while to get used to entering answers, but I think that the Orientation section helped very much. Also, it is very easy to find help if you are unsure of how to enter an answer. Another thing I like about WebWork is the "Preview Answer" button. It is very helpful to be able to check to see if the computer is entering the answer the way you meant to enter it. Also, I think it is good that we are able to try the problems as many times as needed. This allows us to learn from our mistakes and also, repetition is a great way to master certain concepts. I have never really had any problems with WebWork, other than a small connection problem or two, and WebWork has become my preferred method of practicing problems outside of class.

I loved WebWork. It made homework easy to turn in and get immediate responce on. The only complaint I have is that as a commuting student it was slightly difficult due to the remote login server dropping.

I enjoyed webwork after i got the hang of it. i did notunderstand it at first and thought it was hard but i now think it was better than actual homework from a book. it allowed me to see my mistakes as i did them and correct them before i turned my work in.

I enjoyed WebWork, I thought it was a good way to do homework in a way that you don't need to worry about papers or books, though I will say that one thing that made it hard for me was the fact that you could not log on conventionally while not connected to a Cumberland network, I forgot this once at the beginning of the class. If I had to make another suggestion it would be to make the instructions more clear on the problem page itself on how to enter it. It seemed to be a problem for many people including myself.

Personally, I really enjoyed having the homework on the WebWork system. It was easy for me to simply log on to WebWork and idly finish the homework problems than to forcibly sit down and work with a book. WebWork also helped me learn the material because you could check to see if you're right or wrong without being given the answer. The only thing that I did not enjoy was the fact that it could not be accessed anywhere other than Cumberland without going through the terminal, but I assume this is unavoidable.

I found the online homework system helpful. It gave problems that helped prepare for tests.

Overall, I believe that WebWork is a helpful tool. It does has some good and bad traits though.

Things I like about WebWork:
  -You are able to find out instantly if you got the problem right or wrong
  -You are able to complete the problems in your own spare time
  -Everyone gets a different set of questions for practice
Things I dislike about WebWork:
  -It is very difficult sometimes to type in the answer correctly
  -Sometimes the system is down or not working properly
  -You can only get to the website through the university's access

I suggest that if some people want to print off the problems and do them by hand and turn them in, they should be able to.